On February 28, after the Mentalsomatic Circle, the book Evolutionary Entrepreneurship, was launched by conscientiologist, Phelipe Mansur. Everybody received a free copy of the book at the end of the Mentalsomatic Circle and the author gave the Portal of Conscientiology an interview:

Where did the idea of writing a book about Evolutionary Entrepreneurship come from?

The idea is to show people the concept I have of entrepreneurship and also to have it as a time capsule for a future existence. Having that in mind, it is to see the rights and wrongs of my evolutionary journey and to be able to get it right earlier than I was able to in this existence. Another point was to show some ideas I have been building in the area of entrepreneurship and, basically, demonstrate that any undertaking, that does not consider assistance to other people, doesn´t bring one or the planet anything.

Besides your personal experience was there other research about entrepreneurship?

Yes. The research was firstly done on the concept of entrepreneurship in conventional administration and some classic authors, such as Peter Drucker and J. B. Say, who are mentioned in the book, from there I expanded to the conscientiological perspective amplifying the vision to show that true entrepreneurship is done to evolve and not to make money.

What is the impact of volunteering in this process of evolutionary entrepreneurship

Volunteering, as well as in any experiential entrepreneurial matter, is fundamental because it allows the person to give before receiving. When we show that we are able to offer the abilities we have to other people, we automatically create an evolutionary entrepreneurship.

What are the biggest strongtraits of this evolutionary entrepreneur?

The basic strongtrait is assistantiality. There are other strongtraits that are fundamental, such as self-organization, determination, a broad overview and intercomprehension – because we have to consider that not everybody understands what evolutionary entrepreneurship is. Then, the individual having these strongtraits will be able to implement a good evolutionary entrepreneurship, and not just a business, that takes all your life.

What is the final message for those interested in this topic?

The final message is to first think about assistance. Think how you can make your environment better before thinking about profit or personal benefit. When the entrepreneur thinks like this, he or she is already starting successfully.

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Photo album of the launch :Link

*By Alexandre Pereira.

Translated by João Nascimento, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd.