On February 21 2015 after the Mentalsomatic Circle, the book, Lastanosa: Recollection and History of the XVII Century Intellectual and Holothecarian, by Laura Sánchez, was launched. The Portal of Conscientiology interviewed her about her new book.

How did you do the research to create this work on Lastanosa?

In practice it lasted 9 years, because when we started in 2005 there was barely any material available to research. I found the Instituto de Estudios in Huesca – Spain, which was dedicating itself to research on Lastanosa after 400 years of abnegation of his memory, I went there and they donated a large amount of books to me, every book that they had duplicates of they gave to me and the Holotheca (at CEAEC). Besides Spain, it was necessary to go to some other places to get Lastanosa’s personal manuscripts. Little by little I built my own library. There were many years of compilation and research.

Based on everything you analyzed what caught your attention the most? / what was most striking?

Lastanosa had an openness of mind that was unusual for his time, when information and culture were only for the clergy or the monarchy. Lastanosa was not a noble but he had a comfortable social position. Among his skills, he was someone who brought and kept people together and he took advantage of these relationships in favor of others. He used to open his palace and his holotheca for people who had no culture, including the ones who didn´t even have shoes, and that was unthinkable at the time.

And what message could you give to people of Conscientiology who are interested in studying Lastanosa, and what message could you pass on?

If we could make a comparison between the XXI and the XVII centuries we could compare Professor Waldo to Lastanosa for everything that he did. At that time he stood out for his cosmovision. By studying Lastanosa people can identify environments, intellectual circles, tertulias (social gatherings for debates) which he organized or even fit him or herself in the sociogram which the book presents. I think there is no way one will read the book and not feel the weight of their responsibility facing their own intellectuality.

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* By Alexandre Pereira.

Translated by João Nascimento, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd.