Book launch of Lives of a Naturalist

On May 23, 2015, after the Mentalsomatic Circle, the book, Lives of a Naturalist, was launched, by Roberto Leimig in conjunction with Editares. Across its more than 400 pages, the book covers the author´s hypotheses of being the consecutive personality of Marcgraf, Steller and Humboldt and the methods of biographical analysis. The author gave the Portal of Conscientiology an interview:

Where did the idea of writing this book come from?

It came from information from my self-research. Such as the personalities, the facts, the parafacts and the phenomena which occurred from the beginning of the studies and pointed to relationships with Germany and Holland, for example. Then the connection with nature and the study of biology converged and indicated a certain direction, which was the relationship with natural history. I went deeper in some biographies and was able to identify some more similar personalities linked to the past.

What was the methodology used in this gescon?

The methodology was developed as I studied these biographies, attended certain courses and activities. The methodology grew along with the research, but the basic part is the registering of all phenomena and paraphenomena, personality traits and the accumulation of all this in the comparisons and correlations. I also travelled to research in loco, which also helped in the identification of this research where the theory was united with the practical part.

What do you highlight in this work?

I highlight the methodology itself. There is a section where I systematically write the first signs or evidences that I had, just like most people. I lived with various evidences of these personalities but still had not researched them and with time I went deeper into self-research and, consequently, more information came up which showed details of personalities that I was able to compare myself to.

Do you think about writing a follow up to this work?

This work has two more phases lined up for publication. One is about tips and orientations regarding research trips, in Brazil and abroad, and the other book is to perform a more seriexological analysis in the sense of the motivations of naturalists explaining life in that manner. Why did they live their lives in that way? That is, it will have a more explanatory approach whereas in this work there is a more descriptive approach, mainly concerning the methodology of comparison.

Can you talk about the enigma in the cover and back cover of the book?

The enigma of the cover is the hypotheses of consecutive personality. Is this true? Is it authentic? It is to evaluate if each personality is really the sequence of the other. The back cover is about an image of a retrocognition where I highlight the stars of South Cross in the orientation of explorations of two of these naturalists with my personality. What is the relation of that with my history? That has appeared in the lives of these personalities and it has appeared in mine since childhood. And, I made sure to point that out in the book. The enigmas are: that boat is in which ocean? What continent is that, from the observer´s perspective?

What is the final message to people interested in your book?

The message is to read the book as a guinea-pig, that is, as if carrying out retrocognitive research, what procedures would you take, from among those I used, and what would you improve, as everything has to be improved and amplified. I worked hard to make the methodology as coherent as possible. As with all self-research, each one must use personalize it, to adjust it to one´s reality. So, if the person is political they can use procedures I have not used, or if the person is more connected to art other circumstances may come up. It is important to adapt it to suit your personal reality.

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* By Alexandre Pereira.

English Translation by Joao Nascimento, English revision by Jeffrey Lloyd.