The Centre for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology (CEAEC) informs of the death of Professor Waldo Vieira, 83 years old, at 5:50pm on Thursday 2 July, at Costa Cavalcanti Hospital, in Iguassu Falls. Vieira suffered a stroke, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), in the early hours of 26 June and has since been in hospital in a coma. The body will be cremated and there will be no funeral.

He was hospitalised on 25 June after the presence of some fluid was detected in his lungs. That issue was resolved but he suffered a CVA shortly afterwards, which was considered irreversible. Prior to hospitalisation Waldo Vieira had been at home recuperating from a myocardial revascularization which took place in Sao Paulo.

Waldo Vieira was born 12 April 1932 in Monte Carmelo (MG). He was a graduate in Medicine and Dentistry. He is the proposer of the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology that are systematised in the treatises: Projectiology: A Panorama of the Consciousness Outside of the Human Body (1986), and 700 Conscientiology Experiments (1994).

He wrote more than 60 books, treatise, dictionaries and hundreds of articles related to research of the consciousness and parapsychism. In 1995, he founded CEAEC, the first Conscientiology Campus. In 2000, he moved from Rio de Janeiro to Iguassu Falls to work full time at CEAEC and to accelerate the writing of the Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology, a collaborative work of his own texts and those of some 500 other writers (verbetographers).

In these last years, the work of Conscientiology grew and Vieira proposed the creation of the suburb Cognopolis, where CEAEC and 21 other Conscientiocentric Institutions are located. Also known as “The City of Knowledge” and “The Suburb of Volunteers”, Cognopolis was officialised by Municipal Decree 18,887, issued in 2009.

A unifying personality and one considered a multiendowed genius, Vieira led a community of 841 volunteers dedicated to Conscientiology, all residents of Iguassu, and which includes doctors, professors, and business people from different parts of Brazil and abroad.

Over the last months, the professor taught conscientiological minitertulias (debates) daily, at CEAEC, and worked on the third volume of his book “Lexicon of Orthosayings” (“Lexico de Ortopensatas” in Portuguese), which is finishing the printing process. The activities of Conscientiology in Brazil and abroad will continue normally with the commitment of volunteers to preserve and expand the legacy left by Vieira. CEAEC and the Conscientiological Institutions remain with their doors open for visits, courses, debates, and lectures.

Foto Crédito - Simone Di Domenico
Foto Crédito – Simone Di Domenico

Biographic Information:

Waldo Vieira was born on 12 April 1932 in Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais, son of dentist Armante Vieira and teacher Aristina Rocha. An independent researcher, writer, and teacher, a graduate in Dentistry (1954) and Medicine (1960), he also earned a post-graduate degree in Plastics and Cosmetics in Tokyo, Japan. He was the proposer of the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology that are systematised in the treatises: Projectiology: A Panorama of the Consciousness Outside of the Human Body (1986), and 700 Conscientiology Experiments (1994). A sensitive, who in his childhood began to study parapsychic abilities (extrasensory perception, mediumship, paranormal phenomena), and who later became a member of the principle national and international institutions of parapsychic research, such as the SPR – Society for Psychical Research (London, UK), ASPR – American Society for Psychical Research (New York, USA), Brazilian Association of Parapsychology (Rio de Janeiro – RJ) and the CEAEC – Centre for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology ( Iguassu Falls – PR).

The researcher wrote dozens of books and hundreds of articles, of a scientific nature, related to consciousness research, however always emphasising the necessity for a paradigm to consider consciential phenomena (and, therefore, human parapsychism), beyond matter or the biological brain. Prior to this work, in the 50s and 60s, he aided the Spiritist Movement.

His psychography (mediumistic writing), manifested at 13 years of age, with time it improved and was fully developed by the age of 23 when he met the famous medium, Chico Xavier. Since the beginning, the meeting between Vieira and Xavier appeared promising: their first book, psychographically written together, was “Evolution in Two Worlds”, published in 1958. In Spiritism, Vieira used psychography to write dozens of works, alone or in partnership with Chico Xavier, besides undertaking many other assistantial actions, such as founding the “Christian Spiritist Communion” centre, in Uberaba (MG). In 1966, he left the Spiritist Movement and started dedicating himself to independent research while based in Rio de Janeiro.

A lucid projector from the age 9, meaning that he had lucid projections from the early 1940s, he became a world reference on the subject of projectiology, the technical study of this phenomena, especially after the publication of “Projections of the Consciousness”, where he publically proposed the specialty for the first time. In the 80’s, he was one of the founders of the IIP, the current IIPC – International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology, an education and research institution recognised as a federal public utility in 1998 and that completed 27 years of existence in January 2015.

In 2000, Vieira moved to Iguassu Falls and started to live at the CEAEC Campus. From then on, he concentrated his personal efforts to agglutinate, in the tri-border region, researchers interested in the expansion of the work of Conscientiology. He sought to install the suburb Cognopolis, also known as “the Suburb of Knowledge” or “the City of Knowledge”, in a way similar to what was done in Uberaba decades previously with the Park of the Americas. Cognopolis, officially created on 20 May 2009 by Municipal Decree 18,887, has 6 residential condominiums, with 4 more under construction, 20 Conscientiological research institutions (many founded by Vieira himself), the Mabu Interludium Iguassu Convention Hotel, in addition to other projects under construction, for instance, the Cognopolitian Agora and the Holotheca Cultural Megacentre, an architectural project designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Supporting these megadevelopments is the human efforts of more than 800 volunteers who moved to Iguassu Falls, in addition to the locals who collaborate daily.

With his entire life dedicated to research, teaching, authoring, and interassistance, in the last months Vieira dedicated himself to the conscientiological minitertulias which were held daily at the Tertularium, at the CEAEC Campus, and the third volume of his work “Lexicon of Orthoaxioms” (“Lexico de Ortopensatas” in Portuguese), which is finishing the printing process. As he always liked to emphasise, all his intellectual activities were carried out in accordance with the Principle of Disbelief, which states, “do not believe in anything”, the most important thing is for each individual to use their critical sense, reason, and to learn through their personal experiences.

Foto Crédito - Simone Di Domenico
Foto Crédito – Simone Di Domenico

Waldo Vieira passed away 2 July 2015 in Iguassu Falls after suffering a CVA.

* By the CEAEC Press office

* Translated by ISIC (João Nascimento, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd)