Sunday, July 19th, Evolucin’s first workshop occurred in Frankfurt, Germany, with German teachers.

The workshop was prepared and conducted by Patrizia Teckentrup, coordinator of Evolucin Germany and it started with a video that Evolucin Brazil sent to Evolucin Germany, where children and volunteers from Evolucin Brazil greeted the children in Germany.

("Boa tarde Alemanha“ dizem as crianças da Evolucin no Brasil)

(“Good afternoon Germany”, said the children from Evolucin Brazil)

The subject of the workshop was “Self-knowledge” and debates were held in two groups:

The first group: children aged between 7 and 11 years old.


(The group with teacher Elke Awiszus)

And a second group with teenagers aged from 12 to 19 years old:

(na foto com a professora Patrizia Teckentrup)

(A photo of the group with teacher Patrizia Teckentrup)

10 other Conscientiology volunteers participated in the workshop.


The parents and other adults were present observing, working with energies or taking notes during the workshop.

In a casual environment, the children and teenagers got to know each other better, and then, the teachers led the debates about self-knowledge by using a series of questions.

In this way, Evolucin stimulated self-research among young conscins facilitating the recovery of cons.

A video from ASSINVÉXIS was presented at the end of the workshop, and some participants felt a connection with the young Existential Inverters’ Campus in Brazil.

The children and youths enjoyed the workshop and because of this Evolucin Germany will continue to organise events.

*By Patrizia Teckentrup.

Translated by ISIC (Ana Lusia Corte, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd)