On the 17th of July the book Cognitive Connection written by Eliane Stédile a Psychologist, University Professor and ARACÊ volunteer, and edited by Epigrafe, was launched in CEAEC’s auditorium at Foz do Iguaçu, Parana, with 49 people present. On the 18th of July it was launched at the Mentalsomatic Circle.

The gescon (consciential gestation) had already been launched in Espirito Santo on the 18th of June with 85 people present.

The book features 95 interviews made during the first decade (2003-2013) of the Connection Program from the FMZ Educational Radio of Venda Nova do Imigrante, Espirito Santo, during this decade the author led the presentation and production of the program.

1,000 copies were printed of which 500 are intended for free distribution to libraries and opinion leaders.

Highlighted are universalistic themes and those of social interest with leading edge approaches, such as: Assistance in Africa by Virginio Lopez (in memoriam); Self-organization with Maria Luiza Catto; Authenticity with Tony Muskopf; Clairvoyance with Rodrigo Medeiros; Opinion Formation with Chico Zandonadi; Physical and Mental Health with Etsuko Onishi; Overcoming Depression with Pilar Alegre; Living with Hyperactivity by Milces Caldas; Collective Intelligence with Eliezer Batista; Voluntary Actions by Zilda Arns (in memoriam); Reconciliation with Malu Balona; Gratitude with Adelia Matos, and other equally important contributions. The book and the program ends on a high note, an interview Professor Waldo Vieira (1932-2015) on the subject of Evolution.

For the author “the launch of this book was a way to give back to the interviewees and the general population, the great stock of information I received over the decade. Spoken words fly, written words remain. I am immensely grateful to everyone who participated in this work. Cognitive Connections with positive, leading edge ideas can boost the reader to connect with what they have to offer and expand their ideational connections. It is a great gift to give to the young, for example. “

According to Eliana Manfroi, a volunteer of Encyclossapiens, “The book is presented in an innovative, extremely educational and assistance format. Assistantial because of two reasons: firstly by bringing important and current issues, in a simple language without losing the essence. Secondly, because in addition to bringing the themes, Eliane provides the opportunity to promote a self-relay through the graphothosenes of these 92 authors. It does a double assistance: Through the content and through the form.”

Aride Guinalli, an ARACÊ volunteer in Porto Alegre left this message during the cocktail party and book signing: “I congratulate the author for the exemplarism achieved and the sealing of the work performed. I perceived myself involved with the context and had strong, positive energetic repercussions.”

For administrator Antonio Magalhães, the event was “a time for intra and extraphysical mega-assistance. The author demonstrated impressive consciential maturity and leaves us a motivating written message.”

In the opinion of Rosemary Sales, a manager of Epigrafe, “To launch the book Cognitive Connection by Eliane Stedile at Campus CEAEC was a moment of great satisfaction for the Epigrafe Publishing team. The transcribing of the radiophonic clarifitask into a gesconological clarifitask is an example of valuing the relevance of fixing ideas in intraphysicality through graphothosenes. The agglutination, in the book, of different points of view, experiences and expertise, was also reflected in the event, which was attended by the personalities interviewed, sitting at the table in democratic display of experiences shared with the author. We hope that new works are generated from these “ideational connections.”

Each book published is a new opportunity to expand clarification, reducing the ignorance on the planet. Let’s publish new books!






*By Teresa Stedile.

* Translated by ISIC (Sofia Koo, revised by Jeffrey Lloyd)